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17th-Jul-2007 02:15 am(no subject)
Title: Horndogs. Shitty title, I know.
Rating: R-ish.
Summary: John thinks boys are icky.
Disclaimer: I wish, I wish I owned the Fish.
Notes: All horn players fuck, right? Uh, right.

21st-Jun-2007 01:14 am(no subject)
Title: I Got You, Babe
Author: C'est ska_mazing 
Rating: PG (just in case you don't like man-kisses, in which case, why are you here?)
Summary: Ryland gets dumped...Dan to the rescue!
Disclaimer: I wish, I wish I owned the Fish.
Notes: No one gives Rabbit enough love, so that's what Dapper Dan is for!



16th-Jun-2007 11:28 pm(no subject)
H'okay. I have another one of these slashythings. I cut this one down to 8 and a half pages! :]

Title: Sweet Revenge
Author: Meee, ska_mazing
NC-17, possibly more D:
Tavis really hates Aaron's guts...
I wish, I wish I owned the Fish.
Gahaha, this is like 2935720937r29285 times better than my last one, k? And even though I really hate Tavis, it just seems to...work. Hee.

FIRSTLY, Background on the topic:
If you don't know, Tavis used to be with RBF. Then this happened.
Tavis was just one of those know-it-all type people, and the kind that would always try to make you feel stupid for not knowing something. If he knew you something that you didn't know, he would always rub it in your face. Plus, he just turned out to be a real asshole, and after living with him on a tour bus and in hotel rooms for nearly six years, we had all had about enough of his attitude. One night he was drunk, he thought I threw something at him, which I certainly did not, and in retaliation, he threw a Gatorade bottle at my nose, and then lunged at me. So, I punched him in the face, he quit, and I fired him at about the same time. Plus, he was a pretty awful trumpet player.
(Taken from the RBF Wikipedia page. Yes, it's reliable stfu B[ )

NOW, the story:



14th-Jun-2007 01:30 am(no subject)
Alright, so I stayed up really really late to finish this damn slash, but I think it turned out juuuust fine. The stupid thing is ten pages long on standard Word (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced), so I might've gone overboard. We'll see.

Here goes nothin':

Title: A One-Time Thing
Author: Moi, ska_mazing 
Aaron and Scott find themselves a little hot under the collar while rooming one night.
I don't own the Fish, but God, how I wish I did.
I can finally sleep knowing that this piece of work is done. This is my first completed slashfic. Also, I don't know the actual colors of Aaron and Scott's eyes, so I guessed.  Oh, and a warning--I seem to really like illiteration.

13th-Jun-2007 01:41 pm - Dang
Well, lucky me.  I finally find an RBF Slash group and the majority of the members are inactive.

Just my luck.  Anyway, I'd still like to post if there's some life (and it would appear there is some, thanks to Toasty down there), especially if people are going to read and give feedback.

Um, I'm Nicole, by the way, but for the sake of a pen name, I'll go by Skamazing.  Yeah.  Hi.
I'm from Missouri, but there are plenty of ska fans around here.

Anyway, if anyone would like to see my slash, please comment.  It's nearly complete, but I'll leave you with a small snippet here:

Scott locked his mouth on the other’s well-cut oblique muscle, sucking hard and rolling the skin between his teeth. When Aaron winced, he let go to admire his handiwork: a red-violet oval-shaped mark on the singer’s pelvis.


I hope that's to everyone's liking.  :>



4th-Jul-2006 11:00 pm - Skatanic, pg13
『GURO.』 gore screaming show.
Title: Skatanic.
Author: Me, pedosaurus
Pairing/Fandom: Aaron/Scott [ Reel Big Fish ]
Rating: PG-13, I have a pretty goddamn dirty mouth.
Summary: Aaron is a drunk stalker.
Disclaimer: I own their souls, yo.
Notes: Standalone. I haven't written non-porn in quite some time.

( I'm not crazy! )
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